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Cleaning your Sleeping Bag

This guide is brought to you by our in-house ex-marine.  With 3 tours of duty in the middle east we tend to believe everything he says.

 •Option 1: Hand-Washing

- Fill a bath with cold water and add half a cup of mild fabric soap

- Stir the soap into the water until it is fully dissolved

- Lie your fully zipped up sleeping bag in the bath as flat as possible

- With bare feet, step into the bath and walk up and down the sleeping bag until it has been thoroughly submerged into the soapy water, the solution working its way through the filling

- Empty the soapy bathwater and refill with cold water

- Walk up and down the sleeping bag in this manner, emptying the soapy water and refilling, until all the soap has left the bag

- When you’re happy no more soap remains, drain the bath and roll the sleeping bag up, pressing down on it as you go. This squeezes out as much water as possible ready for drying

- NEVER twist or wring your sleeping  bag as this can cause your sleeping bag’s filling to lump together


To Dry

Hang outside or warm room for at least 24hrs to dry completely. Remember to agitate the bag as it dries to ensure the filling does not clump together.

• Option2:

Pop your sleeping bag into a large tumble dryer on a low heat. High temperatures will melt any synthetic fabrics and fibres, which will make sleeping in your bag extremely uncomfortable. Add in a couple of tennis balls to break down any clumps that may form during the cycle.

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