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Highlander History

Highlander was established back in 1985 with a small shop on Leith Walk, Edinburgh. From here the company has grown into a multinational, multi award winning outdoor brand.. Over the years our logo has also evolved to move with the times and reflect the changing face of our brand.


1985 Logo

This was Highlander first official logo 30 years ago. It featured a lone hiker staring into the hills, enclosed in a mountain-esque triangle.  This first design reflected the outdoor nature of our brand.


1990 Logo

Five years after Highlander began, the logo was modified to reflect the change in decade. The mountain symbol was reduced in size and the brand name became the focus.  All was now enclosed in an offset curved rectangle to ensure a neat execution of the logo. 


2000 logo

The Millenium saw the introduction of a 21st Century logo for the Highlander brand.  What we now call the ‘Highlander H’ was added to the design to replace the mountain symbol.  This Highlander H would prove to be significant branding change and key identifier for the brand in the future.


2005 Logo

In 2005 the Highlander H became more of a focus for our logo.  We moved it to above the brand name and enveloped it in a signature lozenge to give it more prominence. This execution of the Highlander H is still used on our bags and packaging to this day.


2013 Logo


In 2013 we took the logo through a complete refresh in order to return to something that better reflected what we do as a brand.  With this in mind our in house team of graphic designers created a Highlander logo stamp that covers everything about us, including the name, the H and this time a slogan.  We feel that our current logo reflects our core values of producing adventure equipment for everyone.




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