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Artemis 80 Day Challenge Begins

03 July 2017

Mark Beaumont set off from Paris yesterday to smash the world record for cycling around the planet. The current record is 123 days so he’ll be cycling 18,000 miles in 80 days which works out at 240 miles a day and around 16 hours in the saddle, which sounds like complete madness!


The challenge is inspired by the Jules Verne novel, 80 Days Around the World, but this time it’s only one mode of transport (except for crossing the oceans by plane). The £1 bet made in the book was originally made in The Reform Club in London so Mark, looking very dapper, did exactly the same and then headed straight off to Paris to get on with his proper prep!


This isn’t the first time Mark has taken on this challenge though. Last time around, 8 years ago, he did the whole trip unassisted in 194 days which is pretty amazing anyway by anyones standards!! It wasn’t a snap decision to do it again though…

This has been a 3 year journey of planning and intense training for Mark and his team. As part of deciding to take on this epic journey in the first place, Mark cycled the 3,300 miles of the entire British coastline in 15 days as a training exercise and to see if, logistically, it was even possible. Imagine doing that in our lovely British weather!!

A challenge this monumental wouldn’t be possible without a highly experienced support team making sure Mark eats right, sleeps right and is, well, going the right way. ImageHis performance team includes a physio, a nutritionist, a trainer, documentary team, photographer and a mechanic, all of whom have one job, to make sure Mark has to concentrate on nothing but the cycling and smash this challenge. In turn, the support team needs looking after as well and that’s why we, as off-bike sponsors, have sent this wonder-team a huge kit list of camping and extreme survival gear to help them on their adventure (and yes, that did take us ages to lay out!!).

Artemis 80 Day Challenge / Highlander Outdoor

Mark isn’t just doing this to bring back the record for Scotland. He also aims to raise £180,000 for Orkidstudio, a humanitarian architectural charity which he has worked with for the last decade.

If you’d like to donate, text 'ORKD80 £10' to 70070 or online at justgiving.com/fundraising/markbeaumont-80days

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